Thursday, March 14, 2013

NAP = Name Address Phone - People are stealing from You

When an online lead generation company approaches you, ask them 1 question:

"Do you change the phone number on my google+, google places, yelp, foursquare and other online directories?"

if they do not answer "No" then run very quickly away.

Those listings are your property. They belong to your business. When a lead company changes the numbers to their tracking numbers they do 2 things: 1 they mess up your NAP (1 consistent name, address and phone across the web) and they then claim leads and make you pay for leads you would have already gotten if the proper number was there.

Why would you pay for a lead that was yours to begin with? These companies are stealing from you. They take credit for what was rightfully yours and make you pay for it.

Let's be smart business owners and claim all our local profiles.



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