Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SEO, Social Media and the 2012 Presidential Election

So here's some thoughts about SEO and Social Media as it relates to the 2012 Presidential Election......

1. Just like many businesses the candidates were not very creative in their use of social media. It seems that both campaigns, while they had dedicated staff for Social Media, couldn't harness a complete message. This will change as the use of Social Media by the population last night was huge.

2. Facebook ads were a go to branding source for both campaigns. Both candidates flooded Facebook with ads and sponsored stories right up to poll close. Facebook is a cost effective way to reach many people on a budget. Best yet you can target specific demo's.

3. SEO is about being found. The campaign was about being seen. Remember the goal of SEO is also to be seen. Why did both candidates buy facebook ads? Because the other was there. If your competitor is using SEO to grow their visibility, you will need to as well. You must be where people will see and hear your message.

4. A bonus lesson for business is this. If more than 51% of your customers love your product or service, your doing better than most politicians. Not a real comforting thought huh? Produce a great product, provide excellent service and you will never have to worry about being voted out!

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