Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs - a Visionary Lost

The world lost a true visionary today. Steve Jobs had what I consider to be the most important gift in the world....the ability to see the future and attempt to make it happen. Sometimes he succeeded and sometimes he failed, but he never stopped trying.

He will be missed for that vision.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Social Media and Tech Overview 10-4-2011 - IPhone 4s and Adwords

So there was a huge buildup to today's Apple announcement. To bad the hype won and substance lost.

What we didn't get: 4g, new design, IPhone 5, No sprint and Facebook. Big thumbs down.

What we did get: New antenna, Siri digital assistant, faster processor, better camera and it's a "world phone"

Sorry folks but its a big disappointment. And in Google Land they breathed a little easier.

In other news:

Adwords will now crawl Landing Pages for content quality and seek to move up the best ads that meet a users needs. This means a lower bid and a high quality landing page will cost you less and get you higher ad position.

Google+ opened up more of it's API today to include search features. As the access improves the apps are only going to get better.

Mobile Ad Spending in 2011 to exceed $1 Billion Dollars. Here's the Link what does this mean? More and more people are using mobile and if your business does not have a mobile advertising strategy, then you need one now.

That's your update for today......check back tomorrow for another. We will keep you uptodate on all the action you missed!